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Writers and journalists are facing unprecedented levels of online hate and harassment.

While there are no easy answers, this digital Field Manual contains effective strategies and resources that writers, journalists, their allies, and their employers can use to defend against cyber hate and fight online abuse.

Click here to learn about different forms of online harassment and how to protect yourself.

Click here to learn about intervening in online harassment and standing in solidarity with targeted writers and journalists.

Click here to learn how your institution can implement best practices for supporting your hired writers and journalists.

Explore the Field Manual

Cyber Safety
and Security

Tactics, tips, and guidelines for protecting your online presence and accounts

Wellness and Community

Advice for practicing self-care and maintaining community during online harassment


What to expect when turning to law enforcement during online harassment


How-to guides and helpful information for targeted writers, their allies, and their employers


Interviews with writers who have faced online harassment—and survived to write another day

About this
Field Manual

Why online harassment is a free expression concern