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Online harassment comes in so many shapes and sizes, and happens through so many different mediums and platforms, that it can be overwhelming to think about what you can do to reduce the likelihood of being targeted or to blunt its impact if you are. Yet preparation is your strongest defense.

In this section of the Field Manual, we’ve compiled strategies to protect yourself before you become the target of abuse. We break down preparation into three key components: tightening your digital security, managing your privacy, and establishing supportive online communities who will have your back.

Since some journalists, activists and writers may be less familiar with digital security than others, we’ve done our best to include links to articles and websites meant to help clarify certain terms and ideas.

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Feminist Frequency offers this simple, three-step guide for strengthening your cyber security to defend from online harassment:

  1. Create unique, complex passwords. Just start with one account.
  2. Set up two-step verification.
  3. Remove personal information that could be used to harass you.